As my wardrobe changes from sorta layered cold, to super duper furs and scarves to mix with the freezing Chicago weather... so does my skin. I've been blessed to have good skin genes as I like to call them and very rarely have a problem. Except in winter, my skin goes a little (ok a lot) bizerk! I typically have dry to combination skin, however when it's cold my skin goes to a very dehydrated dry state no matter how much water I guzzle, and I do guzzle a ton of water! 

My newest skin obsession?! Babor!!!  Being in studios all day, which are typically warehouses, there is dust, pollution and dry air conditioning or heating. I need a skin routine to replenish my face and body. Here are some of the Babor products I am loving and how I use them:


HY-ÖL® & Phytoactive Combination
            This plant based hydrophilic cleansing oil is perfect for my combination skin.  It offers a gentle bi-phase deep cleanse of my skin.  The HY-ÖL® removes oil-soluble and water-soluble dirt particles in two separate cleansing phases.

Eye Make-Up Remover
            I’m also guilty for falling a sleep with my make-up on because running a business, a blog and being a mommy of two is simply exhausting.  But this easy one step eye-makeup remover is heaven sent! I can already tell my face is thanking me for it.

Mild Peeling
           I use thisgentle and effective face peel once or twice a week to give my face a reboot. It takes only two to five minutes and is extremely gentle which I love.

Treat the Skin with Active Concentrate/ Fluid/ Serum
            Having such dry skin I have been gravitating toward all the fluids that Babor has to offer. 

Hydra Plus Active Fluid
            This rapid thirst-quencher gives my dry skin the moisture it needs! It also binds the moisture to my skin which gives it a long-lasting effect to get me through my crazy hectic days as a photographer, stylist, and mommy!

Eye Care
Ultimate Perfecting Eye Cream
            This eye cream fights the appearance of dark circles, bags, and puffiness around my eyes. Comes in handy when I jet over to my events after 10+ hour days on set. I can now at least look like I’m not exhausted!

Babor Spa Shaping for the Body

I also LOVE the Babor for my body.  All of the firming creams, foams, and lotions are making me feel like a million bucks!

I keep the Daily Hand Cream in my purse to use throughout the day.  From washing dishes, to styling shoots my hands take a beating and this light-weight anti-aging hand cream is leaving them soft and supple!

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