Western pieces have been wardrobe staples for decades. There are just certain pieces you keep in your closet and rotate them for years to come. Nothing I'm wearing in this blog post is new, actually the contrary. This leather skirt, dates all the way back to high school... honestly I can't believe it still fits me! Woo Hoo for Corepower Yoga!

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I totally believe in recycling fashion. There are definitely certain dresses that I only wear once, like to big events and such. However my basics I keep for years to come. I also truly believe that if you know how to dress, you can totally dress on a budget. Everything I'm wearing with exception to my Chanel bag came from Forever21, Express and Zara.


What I wore: Shirt: FOREVER21 SIMILAR HERE  Skirt: EXPRESS SIMILAR HERE  Bag: Chanel Boots: ZARA Watch: Michael Kors Earrings: H B (my initials) from Patricia Field Boutique in NY SIMILAR HERE Hand Bracelet: FOREVER21 SIMILAR HERE

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