So I suppose I should be talking about my "best dressed" from the Met Gala, instead, I wanna talk about Tatyana Merenyuk! She's one of my favorite NYC designers, a fellow Ukranian who lived in Chicago, and she creates perfect collections that take you from street, to cocktail, to gowns and bridal. 

If you do wanna see my wost dressed from the Met Ball, no explanation is needed CLICK HERE and my best dressed CLICK HERE (Zac Posen ladies definitely took the cake) click through my Facebook Gallery to see all pix. 

Now, back to Tatyana... I love wearing these designs, they're feminine, flirty and powerful. Whenever I wear Tatyana Merenyuk people always ask me what I'm wearing and where they can get it. I've known and been wearing Tatyana for quite some time now but I wanted to  find out more and so here we go...

What I wore: Top: Tatyana Merenyuk Jeans: MiH SIMILAR HERE Heels:Tory Burch SIMILAR HERE  Sunnies: Valentino SIMILAR HERE  Earrings: Lana Jewerly  SIMILAR HERE Bracelets:  Vintage, Ann Taylor Ring: BCBG  SIMILAR HERE

HB: Where are you from?  
TM: Originally I am from Kiev, Ukraine. Now I live in Brooklyn NY.

HB: How did you get started in design?  
TM: I started designing while I was living in Chicago around 2005. I met an amazing group of artists (sculptors, painters, glassblowers, among others) that inspired me to crate with my hands and things grew from there...

HB: Tell us a bit about your path to where you are today as a designer?  
TM: I have done a few RTW collections that I am so proud of! It has been a little hard to push them into stores... but all in due time. Right now I am focusing on custom gowns and bridal, which have been very successful with my clients.

What I wore: Top: Tatyana Merenyuk SIMILAR HERE Pants: Celine SIMILAR HERE HeelsBrian Atwood SIMILAR HERE  Clutch: Target SIMILAR HERE Ring: BCBG  SIMILAR HERE  Bracelet: Miami purchase SIMILAR HERE

HB: What inspires you and your designs?
TM: A lot of things inspire me, including my gorgeous clients and stylists (one in particular, you!) Definitely movies, and actresses, fabrics, music, culture, and so much more!  

HB: I'm totally blushing here, I'm honored to wear your collection!!! It makes me feel so feminine yet powerful. What is your favorite thing about being a designer? 
TM: I love that I get to create something with my hands, something meaningful to me and my client. It is so rewarding when I see how happy and beautiful they look. This is why I love what I do! 

HB: What is the most difficult thing about being a designer?  
TM: I would say finding yourself, your signature. To keep focus on just yourself and not compare to others. Everyone has a different path in life, and design.

What I wore: Top: Tatyana Merenyuk SIMILAR HERE Skirt: Dolce and Gabbana SIMILAR HERE HeelsCharlotte Olympia SIMILAR HERE  Earrings: Chanel  SIMILAR HERE 

HB: Do you have a signature design or part of a design?  
TM: Yes, definitely have one now! The use of silks, my draping skills and my bustiers. They are gorgeous gowns!

HB: Who are your favorite designers? 
TM: I have a lot, this is a hard one. I love Chanel of course! Alexander McQueen, Ulyana Sergeenko a Russian designer is amazing!

HB: I love Ulyana Sergeenko! Describe your designs in 3 words. 
TM: Romantic, Fluid, Beautiful

HB: Who do you design for/who is your girl? 
TM: I design for a woman who is true to herself, who knows who she is, who is passionate about life and love and this world. A woman who is strong and adventurous with an amazing sense of style!

What I wore: Dress: Tatyana Merenyuk Heels:YSL SIMILAR HERE  EarringsZara SIMILAR HERE Ring: Vintage Dior

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