Seeing how I took a mini break from style posts the last few weeks... Let me fill you in on my crazy hectic schedule. I've been working on an awesome project styling 10 to 12 hour days out of state, shooting more then I have in a few years, which means a ton of sleepless nights retouching were involved. Oh yeah and all while being a mom and a wifey!

Now, let's talk "artsy comfort"! I finally made it to the Dali Museum in St Petersburg, Florida. It's no Spain, but I'll take it! I decided to channel my inner artist, which technically oozes from my pores, if I may say so myself. Oh and I did say "comfort" being that I was running around the museum with three little ones, my daughter, son and nephew.

Oh and I got really really lucky because not only was the Dali Museum filled with amazing Dali pieces, they also had a special Warhol exhibit...which was AMAZEFEST!

What I wore: Dress: Victoria's Secret (past season) SIMILAR HERE  Hat: FOREVER21 SIMILAR HERE  Bag: Chanel Sneakers: Converse  Sunnies: FOREVER21 Hand Bracelet: FOREVER21 SIMILAR HERE

Check out this cool video I made from Warhol's famous Screen Tests!

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