When I brought on my assistant, Ali to #TeamBerkun aka my incredible team of assistants. I had no idea that she was the co-owner and designer of a custom jewelry business! I'm crazy about Just The 2 Of Us Jewelry, hand forged in Madison, Wisconsin by the mother-daughter design team.

When Ali was nine, her mom Debbie, refused to buy her a pair of expensive earrings. Now, Ali says this was one of the best decisions she has made. Ali started teaching herself how to make jewelry because she needed to own those "earrings". So, she made them herself. She would make a pair of earrings every morning before school to match her outfit and started to teach her mom. They experimented in new techniques, making tons of jewelry for themselves and friends, but only selling it for fundraisers. After a few years of being told they needed to turn their hobby into a business, Just The 2 Of Us Jewelry was born. That was almost ten years ago. 

Now, they’re designing more than ever. Debbie is a full time jewelry designer practicing law on the side and Ali is graduating college this May with a degree in photography. Expect to see a great deal more of them once Ali is out of school!

Their custom metal work and eclectic pieces collected from all over the world is sold in select stores, straight from designer to customer and is mostly one of a kind! I'm obsessed! Interested? Find their pieces in Chicago at Edith Hart or in Madison at BOP, Neena and A Stone's Throw or Email them at:!

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