With the arrival of December comes holiday lights, gift-giving, festive
parties… and for most of us, cold winter weather. Since Chicago has a 10-
month cold season, there are definitely times when I want to stay in by the
fire instead of going out for the night!

Staying home doesn’t mean sacrificing style – there are ways to look cute
while staying cozy and warm. For me, it means long wool socks, a long
flannel, Fair Isle leggings and a laidback topknot or braid in my hair. Add a
movie, a candle and a mug of hot chocolate, and you have a perfect night!

Foolproof looks include:
• A heavy scarf with a playful pattern
• Ugly Christmas sweaters
• Opaque tights
• Warm slippers
• Knee-high socks

How do you stay chic while bundled up?

What I wore:  Shirt: Hubbies Socks: H&M

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