Au Revoir Marc

 Big news from Paris Fashion Week confirmed yesterday, fashion house Louis Vuitton will be losing the man who gave the brand the street cred that it has today. The speculation of Jacob's exit was in the air during the showing of his latest collection. 

The show was magical, dark and dreamy (all of my favorite things rolled into one).  Jacobs, inspired by "Cher, Barbara and Judy, all of the girls who dress to show the showgirl in them" gave a show to remember. He signed off with "To the showgirl in all of us," and lord knows there is a showgirl in me somewhere...hence I was filled with goosebumps while watching it on my laptop. Think tulle tank dresses over denim, heavily embellished biker jackets, Sprouse's graffiti, feathers and loads of black. It was as though bits and pieces of Jacob's greatest collections, from his time at Vuitton were perfectly blended in a Vitamix of fashion. 

Now the questions on everyone's mind is, what's next for Vuitton?

Here are some of my favorites....ENJOY!

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Watch the final show HERE

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