Dior Luxury Phone

Some of us may be watching our wallets and holding out on buying some of the hot items of the season, but the uber rich are laughing in the face of this recession. For those of you with black Amex cards looking to splurge on something fashionable, Christian Dior has it all. From clothing to accessories, this French design house has been supplying the rich and famous with must-have items for years. Now, Dior has teamed up with Sony to create a cell phone tailored for women.
The luxury Dior phone boasts a $5,000+ price tag, but for good reason. The phone is emblazoned with precious jewels and a special type of stainless steel used in luxury watch making. You can choose between four extremely high-end options including: gold & sapphire, mother of pearl, diamonds, and sapphire crystal. The diamond phone comes in assorted colors of “glorious red”, “pure white”, and “glorious black”. Even if I was on the market for a new phone, I don’t know if I’d ever trust myself with this beauty. Still, I can admire a cell phone that is covered in Dior’s signature patterns and of course, diamonds.