While I have to admit that the Sex and the City stylist, Patricia Field, has done an amazing job with Carrie and the other ladies throughout the years, I was rather disappointed with the choices in the latest movie. SJP, who almost always steals the show with her funky, girly looks, didn’t quite shine. I thought her hair looked horrible, her hats and crown were way too much, and her wardrobe wasn’t up to par. Usually I’m inspired by their fashions, but most of the looks seemed played out. Almost all of Carrie’s dresses were from the Halston Heritage collection… boring! I shot those dresses months ago. And Samantha’s make-up was terrible. How is it that Charlotte and Miranda were best dressed?
Maybe it’s a harsh critique, but I hold up the women of SATC to the highest echelon. In the end, I still love the girls despite these recent disappointments.

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