While I do love couture and my favorite high-end labels, there’s something about festival clothing and rocker garb that always has me coming back for more. Maybe I was a rock star in another life, prancing around on stage in free flowing tunics, gold sequined jackets, and freaky fringe embellishments.
Thankfully H&M’s new collection, “Fashion Against AIDS”, has sated my music-loving appetite and fashion sense. From tribal-techno prints, to acid washed denim, to leather galore, you can walk into any party or music scene comfortable and cool in the store's newest looks. The icing on the cake is definitely the charity that comes along with looking fierce. H&M is donating 25% of sales to HIV/AIDS awareness programs. Not a bad deal. Why wouldn't I give back to a good cause and look hot doing it? Fashion can be so very blissful… xo

Photos courtesy of H&M

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