A few weeks ago I went to see the WORLD FASHION CHICAGO show. The show was beautiful and the opening by far was my favorite part. A video of girls around the world saying, "Hello Sister" in many different languages. For some reason that entire segment brought me to tears and got me all choked up. Possibly because to the right of me was my "sister" and when we both heard "Privet Sistra" or "Hello Sister" in Russian we looked at each other with eyes full of tears. Strong start, agreed!!! The fact that Oprah herself had something to do with it, also a big plus.

After the video segment three models clad in Chicago Olympic dresses and carrying globes came out, also a nice touch since we were in the running...

However, after that I was quite disappointed, not in the production of the show, not the models, but the garments. I couldn't believe that for a Millennium Park event, with the breath taking location, incredible cocktail hour, and the crème de la crème of Chicago's fashion insiders the clothes seemed like a first year design school project.

I'm sorry, I'm not here to bash and I certainly won't name names, however I know a ton of incredible designers and I couldn't believe that their creation's weren't on the runway. For the majority the garments seemed un-finished, too short or out of tune with trends entirely. I saw imperfect hemlines, crooked seams, and a little too much of certain model's you know what, because the garment was a tunic and not quite a dress!!!

C'mon WORLD CHICAGO, I know you can do better next year! I'm here, reaching out my hands, arms and stilletos, ready to help.

Now, now...let's not get all angry and hostile. It wasn't all bad. Some designers knocked it out of the ball park with their incredible creations. One of which, the dress below by Melissa Serpico. Overall my favorite collections were from Paris and Milan of course. I wish I had more photos of the designers from Paris and ones from Milan...

Melissa's incredible dress, if only you saw it down a runway like I did...SO SO GOOD!

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