Everyone has a little something they lust for, LANA JEWELRY is definitely something I'm lusting for this month. We shot LANA's campaign a few months back and had to be hush hush about the beautiful collection, that is until now!!!

I went "gaga" over all the pieces and hope you'll feel the same way. Doesn't it make you feel fabulous, just looking at the campaign? The entire day had a very sexy STUDIO 54 feeling, we were jamming to Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Blondie, and Prince. The fan was blowing LANA's beautiful big hair that the fabulous Joyce Taft made full and sexy. The incredible Rachael Perrin did LANA's make-up and all I could keep on thinking was "HELLO GORGEOUS!" Our team was superb, we had an incredible time and I think every photo was worth the wait!

To view more of LANA's incredible creations please visit or your local Neimans.


Lana and I checking out the goods....

The dream team...literally, every girl wishes she had this team working on her!!!

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