There are entire blogs, advertisements, editorials, that I myself shot and styled the past few months, dedicated to this exact topic. It doesn't matter what you want to call it, every girl wants to save a buck these days and still look damn good doing it.

I agree, I have always been a savvy shopper, yet I have a major obsession with shoes. Really really expensive ones. I have to tell you, I'm the shoe snob that refuses to put anything on her feet that doesn't have a hefty price tag on it. That is, until now!!!

Fabulous designers are coming up with amazing new lines that are very price conscious, yet still deliver on their quality, comfort and most importantly style. As the economy is going down the price for a good shoe is going way up! I drooled over a pair of Balenciagas this winter that had a price tag of $2200.00, that's an entire mortgage, four+ car payments, a trip to Europe for two and so much more.

That is why I introduce to you Christian Siriano. Many of you will remember him as an adorable fashion virtuoso on Project Runway. Well, Christian has teamed up with Payless Shoes to bring you his brand spanking new collections, coming to us September of 2009.

Check out these devilishly delicious boots and pumps. I find them so hot and sexy that I can't wait to get my butt over to Payless and buy out every pair ;) I mean with the price being in the $25 - $45 range, I think we all deserve a few pairs. These babies are FIERCE!

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